Johnson Custom Digging
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One of our primary specialties is house site preparation, which involves assessing your property to determine what services are required in order to start and successfully complete your project.

As part of our complete service offering, we provide you with a contact list of skilled and trusted contractors for any of the services listed below, available to you if you chose.

Our areas of expertise include many of the services you may require, such as:

Logging & Removing Stumps

: we remove of trees and stumps, and determine which logs are suitable for milling, firewood, etc.


: many sites require one of two services, both for which we offer solutions:
  • Pulling organic material or clay off the surface to reach hardpan; or,
  • Digging to uncover solid rock, which may also involve blasting.


: some projects require blasting. After drilling, our excavator assists in moving blasting mats and separating boulders, as well as coarse rock and fines.

After Blasting

: leftover materials may be re-applied for driveways, boulder walls, and engineered pad for house foundation. We can also deliver additional material if needed.

In-filling & Back-filling

: we deliver material to fill gaps in and around foundations.

Landscaping & Design

: in addition to landscaping, we specialize in building boulder walls, pathways, terraces, and gardens.


: we trench for cables, pipes and more, required for services such as electrical, water and septic

Burn Piles

: we clean and clear properties, and either remove or burn debris.


: we demolition buildings and other structures, and remove remnants as required.

Regardless of the size of your project, you will receive our complete attention. This is the advantage of choosing to work with Custom Digging, a smaller company where the owner is regularly onsite.

Plus, we make getting started easy:
  1. Contact us for an on-site consultation and free estimate. We provide either an hourly rate or a contract price, whichever you chose.
  2. Our excavator is delivered by our dump truck and both can remain on site should you require the use of a dump truck, which most projects do.
  3. We provide all trucking services for delivery of any required materials, such as: gravel, boulders, pit runs, sand, topsoil, and more.
You always receive quality service and workmanship from project start to finish.